Public Relations, Media Outreach, Communications & Social Media Marketing

Only the tiniest percentage of press releases generated and sent out are ever opened, much less read and acted upon. Generating press is, frankly, an art and we’re experts at it.

Whether it’s a small town newspaper and local radio talk show or mass market, international outlets like CNN, BBC, Dateline, Oprah, New York Times, NPR, Dow Jones MarketWatch or the Wall Street Journal, our clients see results in broadcast – radio and television – print, electronic and social media outlets.

Convincing customers, prospective customers, donors and the general public to believe in your programs and products takes time and talent. While getting the media to pay attention is part of the equation, getting others – your clients, your donors, your vendors, your consumers – to talk about you positively is the key.

Utilizing a mix of traditional, old-school media outreach and Internet-based social media marketing, we’re able to generate not just increased awareness but emotional and financial buy-in for your company, your cause and your message.

Marketing Strategy, Branding & Positioning

Words can move, persuade and motivate those reading and hearing them.

Our words – incorporated into a carefully crafted and strategic marketing plan – have helped clients launch successful new businesses and products, created profitable sales and fundraising campaigns, generated tourism, piqued media interest and captivated audiences.

Our team of seasoned professionals have backgrounds that include not only marketing and corporate communications but print and broadcast media. As a result we’re able to write for the media in a manner and language that other media professionals understand and relate to. This translates into increased coverage for our clients and their programs, projects, events and brand.

We’re also terrific at creating social media content and content marketing material, two areas of increasing importance in any marketing strategy but typically two areas that many businesses struggle the most with in terms of time allocation and creative juice. Whether it’s social media posts, blog posts, the necessary social media and supporter outreach necessary to support a donor fundraising drive or a crowd sourcing capital campaign, we’ve got the skills to make it look organic and effortless.


Grant Writing, Fundraising, Donor Relations, Celebrity Endorsement, Special Events

Whether appealing to individuals, corporations or foundations, inviting and securing emotional involvement in your program or project is key.

Our approach to fundraising is tailored to each non-profit client, their programs and their specific needs for growth and sustainability. For most that includes fundraising and grant writing so that financial stability is acquired and maintained but for many it also includes the building of community and constituent awareness, the identification and training of volunteers and developing a consistent message to all parties involved that allows for emotional and financial buy-in by all the key partners.

This same philosophy of building and nurturing sustainability in all of its forms extends to fundraising events and securing endorsements. From small-town, one-hour events to multi-day, celebrity-driven fundraisers, we’ve planned and executed special events that have raised community and constituent awareness while simultaneously raising funds and donor commitments.

For some campaigns, endorsement by a high-visibility individual – a politician, a celebrity or a recognized expert on a subject – can be a powerful component to its success. Endorsements can lend visibility and credence to advertising and PSAs, bring a recognized voice to a program or project or bring heightened visibility to a program tour or fundraising event. Tapping into a network of high-profile individuals who share interests and concerns in common with our clients is one of the many services we offer non-profits and NGOs in support of their successful programming and message delivery.

Please Note: In keeping with most foundation and government grant requirements and adhering to the code of ethics established by the Association of Fundraising Professionals, The Zephyr Group is unable to service clients under a commission or contingency basis nor are we able to write our fees into client proposals.

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