Finding funding is a puzzle.  Whether appealing to individuals, corporations or foundations, inviting and securing emotional and financial  involvement in your program or project is key.

Our approach to fundraising is tailored to each non-profit client, their programs and their specific needs for growth and sustainability.


We’re a team comprised of former journalists and media geeks as well as graphic artists and marketing types but what we all hold in common is our ability – and our desire – to communicate.

​But don't take our word for it; go to our "About Us" page to see what our clients have to say!



Our Crew

Ready, aim, fire...

​Strategy and a clear outline of steps and goals is critical to any business endeavor but particularly so for a start-up or an organization that is taking steps to get to the next level.   We identify those steps, implement them and then analyze the successes our clients achieve.

Convincing customers, prospective customers, donors and the general public to believe in your programs and products takes time and talent. While getting the media to pay attention is part of the equation, getting others – your clients, your donors, your vendors, your consumers – to talk about you positively is the key.