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​Gallery One Twenty Opens in New Smyrna Beach, Florida

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  • Public Relations & Communications
  • Fundraising &  Development
  • Marketing & Business Development
  • Branding & Brand Development
  • Online Marketing & Social Media

​Souvnear.com's  product offerings hit the 10,000 mark!

Words can move, persuade and motivate those reading and hearing them.  Our words – incorporated into a carefully crafted and strategic marketing plan – have helped clients launch successful new businesses and products, created profitable sales and fundraising campaigns, generated tourism, piqued media interest and captivated audiences.


"Betsy Model and her company, The Zephyr Group, are without question the most pro-active public relations firm I have ever worked with.  They are renowned for personal and individual care and the thought and evaluation of protecting and forging one's goals are never compromised.  In my industry, the film industry, they are stellar."

AA - Actor/Producer

Only the tiniest percentage of press releases generated and sent out are ever opened, much less read and acted upon. Generating press is, frankly, an art and we’re experts at it.


​Innova-Con 4.0 - the 2017 global conference for Innovation Science specialists - is taking place Mar 29-31 in Washington DC.


​El Museo Cultural de Santa Fe's Winter Market is Open!

What Clients Say About Us

"During the time of your services Catholic Relief Services experienced very significant increases in media attention in all areas; print, radio and TV...

JH - International Relief Agency

"...Ms. Model was an oasis of calm at a brutally hectic time and she got my film more buzz and attention than it ever would have otherwise. It's my hope to work with her again."

​AA - Documentarian

​We’re a team comprised of former journalists and media geeks as well as graphic artists and marketing types but what we all hold in common is our ability – and our desire – to communicate.